Restoration Services

Restoration Methods

I treat every painting and sculpture restoration with the utmost care and respect. My goal is to restore the piece to its original condition while preserving the integrity of the original work of art. By entrusting your art work to me, rest assured it will receive special care and safe keeping while in my possession.

A cleaning or repair project is carefully begun by photographing and documenting the prior condition. Next I develop a strategy to best complete the process. On cleaning, this means testing a weak solution near the painting edge to determine the weakest possible mixture to successfully clean the surface. Cleaning strength can be gradually increased as needed, while incorporating any extra treatments such as a separate varnish remover or conditioning of any dried, brittle canvas.

Cleaning Oil Paintings

After many years of display or storage, oil paintings can begin to visually change from surface soil, smoke, or just discoloring from old varnish. With careful use of special restoration cleaners, I can safely remove these deposits and restore paintings to their original appearance - recapturing the vibrant colors and beauty of the original art.


Paintings that have never been varnished can appear dull, lifeless and the colors muted. Minor surface cleaning and a new coat of Damar Picture Varnish can often restore the vivid, pure colors that the artist intended, as when the painting was new and fresh. Plus it protects the painting from contaminants in the future. If you have an oil painting, be sure to have a protective vanish applied to protect any painting for the future.

Tears, Holes, and Other Damage

Tears, punctures and canvas holes can be patched, filled and color matched, so that it is nearly impossible to see a repair from viewing the front of the painting. 


Paintings that are brittle with age and the paint is actually releasing from the canvas, can often be relined, so that no further damage is done, and then areas can be carefully painted in, so that they can be restored to near their original appearance.

Other Restorations

I am also experienced in repair and restoration of other objects:

  • Paper Mache’ objects
  • Gold Leafing on most surfaces, including frames
  • Plaster based art objects
  • Ivory, wood or composite re-cementing repair of art objects
  • Many other repairs of sculptures and miscellaneous items - call for more information

Prices for repairs and restorations vary considerably, as to the material, size, type, skill needed, time and preparation needed to complete the repair. Usually I will need to see a piece in order to give an estimate of the repair cost. If a piece is brought to me there is normally no charge for an evaluation and estimate. For multiple pieces, or for insurance estimates where a written report is required, I charge for my time to do the estimate.  If I then complete the restoration the cost of the estimate is included in the price.