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About the Artist

Connie Leavitt - on hike near Estes Park Colorado
My life interests are quite varied

This is one of the main reasons why Art was my chosen career. It involves creation, exploration, constant learning and skill building plus a freedom from many time constraints that I could find in few other career paths.

On Restorations

I've always enjoyed solving problems and fixing things. Restorations and repairs of old or damaged paintings are an extension of my ability to research, repair and match colors and textures. I began doing restorations years ago. I studied the methods of some of the finest art restorers while developing my own techniques after years of experience and hundreds of art restoration projects.

On Commissions

I truly love connecting with a self-described non-artist, and in the process of working together, create a combined piece that can give us both satisfaction and the lasting pleasure of a very  personal piece of art.

Portraits a Specialty

Anything from ancestral images from old photographs, current loved ones or fuzzy faced pet portraits. Oil paintings on canvas or board, or pencil drawings are my chosen mediums for life like portraits.

Landscapes in Oil a Favorite Subject

I can work from your ideas, favorite vacation photographs, or an image of the home, farm, or land where you grew up. It can be as detailed or loose and colorful as you decide.